Sloth Love Chunk

When I was a kid, we didn’t have a VCR until some time around 1986. Before that, if we wanted to watch a movie at our house, we’d rent one at the video store in the tiny town where I grew up. I still have many memories of renting a VCR, and I’d always ask to rent The Goonies because I loved it so much (Sean Astin as Mikey was probably my first celebrity crush). These days, I own a copy of the movie on DVD and watch it a couple of times a year, because it’s just that good. I know more trivia about the movie than is probably healthy (for example, the actor who played Chunk went to UC Berkeley just like I did, was president of the student body while he was there, and is now an entertainment lawyer), and I even have a “goof” published on the IMDB page for the movie (it’s the first one under Errors in Geography, about the sun being in the wrong direction for the time of day the end of the movie is supposedly portraying). I’m about the biggest Goonies nerd on the planet, is what I’m saying.

As we were planning our recent road trip, I realized we’d be not too terribly far from where the movie is set and where they did much of the filming: Astoria and Cannon Beach, OR. It was a couple hours out of our way, but I couldn’t drive through Oregon and NOT make the Goonies pilgrimage. When we drove through Astoria, we only got out of the car to make a stop in a Safeway, but when we went south on Highway 101 to Cannon Beach, we drove out to a state park area overlooking the beach with the three rocks and I put on my Goonies t-shirt over my sweater and two layers of shirt and Dan took a photo of me as the sun was setting. I’m such a nerd. But it was worth it.

Goonies never say die.

Goonies never say die.


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