Things about which I am (perhaps reasonably, perhaps not) judgmental

1. Visibly pregnant women who smoke.

2. People who get tattoos on their hands, front of the neck, and/or faces.

3. People who think tights or panty hose are pants.

4. Men who wear pants that are both tight in the legs and saggy in the bum.

5. People who eat out all the time and get fancy expensive coffee drinks, who claim that they can never travel because they don’t have any money.

6. People who call themselves vegetarian yet eat bacon.

7. People who aren’t willing to try new things.

8. People who use copious amounts of perfume or body spray.

9. Parents who don’t read to their kids.

10. Drivers who think brake lights are equivalent to a turn signal.

11. Truck nuts.


One response to “Things about which I am (perhaps reasonably, perhaps not) judgmental

  1. Wait, wait….bacon isn’t vegetarian? 🙂

    Re #!: For both of my pregnancies, I had to be induced due to medical issues. With my first child, I was sitting in the waiting area of the hospital, anxiously waiting to be called. I was seated next to another woman that would be induced as well. I was a bit put off right away, as she also had gestational diabetes like me, yet had a 20oz bottle of regular Coke in her hand. She disappeared briefly, and the nurse came out and called her name while she was gone, I assumed that she had gone to the bathroom. Her mother was there, and upon hearing her daughter’s name said “Oh, she just went out for a cigarette.” MLE, I wouldn’t have been surprised if that nurse’s eyeballs had popped out and rolled on the floor! I was disgusted…and Hubby was too. I’m just thankful that we didn’t share a room or something!

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