Today’s highlight

Today we got a thank-you note in the mail from some friends in the DC area who recently had a baby after over four years of infertility. She was born about two months ago, and I made her a multicolored chambered nautilus knitted toy. We were supposed to meet up with the friends when we went on our DC trip, but the day care crud our niece passed along while we were there was bad enough that we decided not to subject our friend’s month-old baby to it, and we skyped with them instead.

The thank-you note said, simply, ” Dear (me) and (Dan), Thank you for the toy you sent us for (daughter). I’m sure it will make a great toy once she discovers toys! Thanks again, (her) and (him)”

I laughed out loud for several minutes. I make a lot of knitted items for other people’s babies, and I don’t often get actual thank-you notes for them. Getting one for this gift made my day. And I do hope that once the baby discovers toys, she’ll love the nautilus. I mean, who wouldn’t, right?


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