All the things I did

It’s been a crazy year, internet. Crazy mostly in a bad way, crazy with some of the true connotations of that word, crazy in some good ways I guess. Some stuff happened last year and it led to some other stuff and I just…lost my taste for writing here. For a variety of reasons. But I feel as though I have no excuses not to write here every day in November, just as I’ve done since the very first NaBloPoMo, and so here I am, dusting off the spider webs of this space. Maybe I have nothing else to say. But maybe, maybe this will be a good exercise for my brain and my mental health.

To be truly honest, in a way it was really nice to live my life as just life. No need to take photos to document the things I did, no need to find just the right words to describe every event in vanishingly small detail. Perhaps I needed some time to just live, rather than analyze or describe or document. I got out of the habit of thinking “how will I write about this?” and I just did it. I did a lot of things: I met up with my very first every boyfriend thanks to social media. I volunteered for three different theatrical productions (and even choreographed dance and acted!). I had a big project for a big-name wedding website. I spent nearly a year separated (physically, not relationship-wise) from my husband, without a car, five days and four nights a week. I flew across the country and met our new niece. I took some big steps, floral business-wise. I grieved. And maybe now it’s time to set it all down, before it vanishes into the ether of my not-as-sane-as-it-once-was brain.

So I guess I’m back. For the next 30 days, at least.


4 responses to “All the things I did

  1. I’m happy you’re back.

  2. I love November because all of my favorite writers dust off their blogs and provide me with excellent reading material. xo glad you’re back.

  3. Glad you’re back writing, I’ve missed reading your blog!

  4. Good to see you. It’s nice to take a break once in a while and just to live.

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