Seasonal drinking

Like food, I have preferred beverages for different seasons. In the spring, I want lemonade with vodka and other citrus drinks or light red wines. In the summer, I want chilled whites or rose wines and to add iced tea to that lemonade, but tequila instead of vodka. Also, hard cider. In the fall, I’m all about the heavier red wines and rum with spiced cider. Late fall coming on winter, I want bourbon (manhattans and whiskey sours, though whiskey sours are also good during lemon season in the early spring). And in the winter, I want white russians, mulled wine and ciders with spiced rum, and spicy red wines.

Anyone else out there have seasonal adult beverage preferences?


2 responses to “Seasonal drinking

  1. I sort of have my seasons, but in terms of beverages, my golden years are not so adventurous.

    I can handle a little rum, which, considering our location, is fortunate.
    One beverage I do love during warm weather (and we get plenty of that) is the mojito. The real thing, not from a mix. Another drink I really, really liked, but have only had once since living here, is the Hurricane. We were at some fancy party and they were making them from scratch. Wow.

    Homemade eggnog was a seasonal tradition for years, I’ve now lost my taste for it. I do enjoy the occasional warm, spicy drink during the colder months.

    But most of the time, it’s going to be Chardonnay. I enjoy many wines and blends, especially the “black” red wine of southwest France, but Chard is my go-to adult beverage. And to the finger-waggling Anything But Chardonnay snobs, I bite my thumb at thou.

  2. I have seasonal drink desires too. Summer is some sort of alcoholic lemonade or any variety of great fruit inspired drinks that my MIL makes. Peach Lambic is high on list in fall and early winter. Full on winter in the Tennessee mountains is the time for hard ciders and Sailor Jerry rum with Coke. Your rum with spiced cider sounds delicious!

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