Things I don’t understand about the DIY wedding industry

Every once in a while, when I’m in a craft store, I go down the “wedding” aisle, just to see the latest developments in DIY wedding crafts. Maybe I’ve got a more critical eye than most, but much of the time what I see is, for lack of a better term, tacky. It looks cheap and chintzy and, well, UGLY.

Maybe my standards are too high. Maybe there are people for whom the doilies and the faux boutonnieres and the tulle shaped like birds are their ideal wedding decor. But last weekend,I walked down that aisle and I saw something that was supposed to be a bouquet…holder? With fake stems that look like some sort of paralyzed jellyfish.

This is supposed to make people want to buy it?

I don’t know about you, but I would NEVER EVER want to carry something like this down the aisle. I’d rather carry nothing. I’d rather carry weeds with dirty roots. This is just…hideous.


2 responses to “Things I don’t understand about the DIY wedding industry

  1. Not only does the DIY wedding aisle leave a lot to be desired (fake petals in a box? really?) it’s also ultra-expensive. Favors for 150 out of the DIY aisle would break the bank.

  2. I saw a fake boutonniere (it was ridiculously ugly) that cost $4.99. For about $1, you could buy a real rose and pin it on, or a silk one the next aisle over and just cut the stem off. Good point about the favor thing. I wonder how many people realize the upcharge on all that stuff.

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