The best Easter basket ever

What’s your favorite kind of dinosaur?

Mine’s a triceratops. I’m not sure why, except that a) 3 horns are awesome, 2), bony plates, and c) there is no letter c. But I always preferred triceratops to T-rex or that fraudulently named brontosaurus. I had a book about deinonychus when I was growing up, but looking at that Wikipedia article it is clear the book got the animal all wrong. It’s supposed to have feathers, BOOK. Pterodactyl is OK, but kind of puny, and velociraptor, while portrayed as intelligent in the Jurassic Park movies, isn’t nearly a much of a bad-ass as it wants you to think it is. Nope, triceratops is where it’s at.

When I was a kid, I had the same Easter basket every year. Each year we’d redecorate them with new ribbons or faux flowers or whatever, and each year we’d get a little bit of candy and some small toys and presents in our basket – kind of like what you might get in a Christmas stocking. I still remember the best thing I ever got in my Easter basket. I think I might have been eight years old, but it also could have been the year I was seven or nine. Either way, in my basket was a royal blue t-shirt with a silhouette of a triceratops on it that said TRICERATOPS in gold letters. A little bit like this. They even got the lettering in the right font. Man, I wish I still had that t-shirt. I know it wouldn’t fit me now, but I could at least make a cool pillow or a quilt square out of it.


4 responses to “The best Easter basket ever

  1. I guess I’ve always been partial to pterdoactyl because the way people say it, it sounds like my name is in the beginning. Narcissist. That sounds like an awesome t-shirt. I wonder if you could make one with transfer paper!

  2. I always liked that brontosaurus/apatosaurus guy. Long neck, ginormous, ate things that were high up.

    Ezra watches this show on PBS called “Dinosaur Train” and holy moses is my dinosaur knowledge expanding. If it’s ever a topic on Jeopardy, I’m going to nail it (from my seat at home…).

  3. I like those scrawny ones with the crazy hoods that come up when they attack! (It MAY be a dilophosaurus.)

    PS- I am LOVING this MORE BLOGGING, lady. 🙂

  4. All of my dinosaur knowledge comes from Jurassic Park. And yeah, Triceratops is where it’s at.

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