Cage death match: Shoes!

My little sister is getting married in a month! (Holy cow. I can’t believe my little sister is getting married in a month.) We’re all wearing the same dress, and have been given free reign to wear whatever shoes we like. I have the bridesmaid dress, but I can’t afford to buy new shoes to go with it. I have the perfect pair of shoes to wear…but sadly, one of them has broken. I’ve already had it fixed once, and I don’t think it’s fixable again. So I’m forced to choose between five pairs that maybe could sort of work, and once again, I need your help, internet.

First of all, here’s the dress. (Internet, it is breaking my heart. I ordered my dress months ago when my sister first picked it, and I paid MORE THAN TWICE AS MUCH as what it’s selling for now. Sob.) Also, I had to order a size up in order to fit my boobs. So the rest of the dress is kind of too big on me, which results in me looking GIGANTIC.

Here are my shoe options. The wedding is outdoors, and part of it will be on a grassy area.

Not pleased with my appearance.

Option 1: White/green wedge sandals that I wore to my own wedding. I’ve worn them a whole bunch of times since.


Pros: Comfortable, no chance of sinking into soggy ground
Cons: Old, kind of dirty, not especially pretty anymore

Black shoes closeup

Option 2: Black sandals with a chunky heel. I’ve had these for almost 10 years.

The great white whale...

Pros: Relatively comfortable
Cons: There’s almost no black in the dress, so I feel like these would maybe stand out a lot?

Princess Robin is helping.

Option 3: Pink patent peep-toe heels with ankle strap


Pros: Fabulous
Cons: Probably too fabulous for this dress. Not very comfortable. Plus, that heel will sink right into the ground. Also, would pink go at all with the fall colors in the print?

I solemnly swear that I do not weigh a billion pounds, it just looks like it.

Option 4: Blue peep-toe t-strap chunky platform heels

How many feet photos can I make you look at?

Pros: Relatively comfortable. I wore these to our rehearsal dinner.
Cons: I’m a little concerned with the elastic on one of the straps (had the other replaced already). Also, not sure how well the blue goes with the other colors in the dress, though I think it would be better than the pink.

I tried 6 times to change these images to portrait and I give up.

Option 5: Silver fabric t-strap sandals
Pros: Probably the most comfortable and the most dressy out of the bunch.
Cons: Heel is very slim and will likely aerate the lawn. Plus, the silver is so light it’s almost white, while the gray in the dress is much darker.

This is the last shot of my glamorous feet, promise.

There you have it, internet: my shoe options. If you were me, which would you wear?



5 responses to “Cage death match: Shoes!

  1. Tough call, although I think I’d put more emphasis on comfort than fashion considering you don’t want to get stuck in the lawn a million times. (I imagine the fashionable crowd would say walk on your tippytoes and suffer if that will make you look good.)

    I think I’m a fan of the white? Maybe?

  2. I vote either the blue or the wedges…I feel like the wedges look the most natural with the dress, but they are less dressy than the others. And I feel like the blue goes best w/the dress colors, but is hard to tell on Internet. :/

  3. I like the top wedges, for sure. They don’t look dirty in the pic, but depending on which part is dirty maybe you could clean em ‘up with a rag/lemon juice in the sun?

  4. I totally vote for the wedges. I think they look the best with the dress.

  5. I vote black. Regardless, go for comfort! My sister got married last month in an outdoor wedding and I had this same dilemma. I went with comfort and was so glad that I wasn’t dealing with heels getting stuck in the lawn the entire day. I had a GREAT day and didn’t worry about my feet once.

    That said, I do love the pink ones!

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