Things I did this weekend that I have never done before

In no particular order:

I drank mint tea made with just mint and water (it was pretty good!)

I went naked in a hot tub, and also I bruised my butt while moving from one seat to another in said hot tub.

I curled my hair using this tutorial and it turned out pretty well. I only left it in for a couple of hours; now that I understand the mechanics a bit better I know how to get better results (like leave it in longer next time).

I accidentally used rolled barley instead of rolled oats when making a blackberry crisp. It was much crunchier than expected, but still edible.

I ate Salvadoran food.

I watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights and wondered why Cary Elwes doesn’t always play comedic dashing fantasy men because he’s good at it.

I accidentally ingested some rancid Grape Nuts. I do not recommend this.

Leah and Simon should ask us to housesit more often. Next time, though, maybe leave a warning label on the Grape Nuts.


4 responses to “Things I did this weekend that I have never done before

  1. Those Grape Nuts are about three years old. This is obviously not my fault, as I go through a box of cereal per week.

    • I think the six bags of remnants in one box should have been my first clue that perhaps I shouldn’t attempt to eat them. No harm, no foul, in any case.

  2. I rewatched The Princess Bride for the 657th time last week and couldn’t help but think, “oh how I miss the days when Cary Ewles was sweet and funny and hot.” Wasn’t he one of those celebs who notoriously became mean in his older years?

  3. Yeah, where the hell is Cary Elwes these days? I’m almost afraid to Google. He’s so funny and pretty in my memory.

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