All the colors

On Sunday, Dan was off playing nerd games and I had the day to myself. One of the things I did was to take photos of all the flowers in the yard. I noticed that we had flowers blooming in pretty much every color of the rainbow. So here is my rainbow for April 2011.


6 responses to “All the colors

  1. ROYGBIV…ROYGBIV…what a lovely rainbow! How nice to have all those beautiful flowers in your yard.

  2. This is painful to look at when you live in West Texas. All I see is brown, brown, brown…rocks and dirt, tumbleweeds and dust storms. What a beautiful garden you have!

    • Nancy, that’s what Colorado looked like in the winter and early spring, too. Spring was so much more dramatic there than it is here, because it’s green through the winter as you know. My mom did all the work on the garden; we’re just tending it while we’re in the house.

  3. This was all in your YARD? Holy crap, have a spare bedroom that Scott and I can inhabit? =)

    • Yep, all of that was from the yard. And we do have a spare bedroom with a bed if you are interested in a night or two up in wine country. 🙂 You are always welcome!

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