Feline, culinary

When it's this cold out, Loki sits on each of us and gives us claws-extended rubs wherever his paws hit


Rugs are good places to hide

Sadly, Princess Robin is too big to be stealthy

Today, we both tried a completely-new-to-us fruit. Other than the one time I know I ate an unripe one off a tree in someone’s yard when I was very small, today is the first time I ever tried a persimmon.


Hachiya on left, Fuyu on right

It was Dan’s first time too. I decided to capture it for posterity.

Totally different colors and texture inside

While pretty inside, the Hachiya persimmon was sweet but felt very puckery in my mouth, making me feel like I had just licked cotton. Obviously it wasn’t ripe enough. The parts that were squishy and very ripe were just sweet, kind of reminding me of mangoes, and didn’t seem to have much flavor other than cloying.

Cross-section of Hachiya persimmon

The fuyu didn’t have as much ascerbic tannin in the flesh (meaning, it was probably more ripe) but the texture was quite a big different; it was significantly more firm, and the flavor was somewhat deeper and a little more complex. It was still kind of puckery.

Cross section of fuyu persimmon

Neither of us opted to eat more than a couple of bites. From now on, we’ll only eat very very ripe persimmons…or just not bother at all. Maybe I’ll try making persimmon cookies or something someday, but the fruit itself just doesn’t seem worth bothering with. What am I missing?


One response to “Feline, culinary

  1. Not much. I don’t really like them either.

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