Today’s notable events

I got an email out of the blue from the guy in this post. Amongst spending the bulk of the email consolidating the notable events of the past fourteen years, he assured me that his musical tastes have expanded to include more than Rush. Ha! And now he only lives about 30 miles away, and was possibly in the same program at the same time as Sara at the school where she got her bachelor’s degree, so I’m wondering whether they had any classes together. Heh.

We went downtown at one point today, got some new library books, and patronized Yogurtdale Boulevard (a frozen yogurt shop with the best name ever). They’ve expanded to soup, pastries, and hot drinks in order to try to stay in business through the winter. I wish them the best of luck.

A few days ago we were in Santa Rosa buying cat food and cat litter at the feed store, and decided to get Robin a new collar. (She looks very fetching in red, as it turns out.) We’d toyed with the idea of getting a harness with a leash to see if either of our feline children might be interested in spending some heavily supervised time outside in the backyard, and decided to just go for it – if they both hated it, we’d only be out 12 bucks. Each of the kitties got a chance to star on the Kitty Show today, and while neither of them seemed to especially enjoy it, neither of them seemed to hate it, either. Maybe we’ll try again on another sunny, warm-(ish) day, and this time I’ll get some photos.

And the most exciting thing that happened today? A friend of ours in Tennessee, who has a college radio show on Monday afternoons, informed me right as the show was starting that she’d be playing a song by Simon’s band. I sent him a message as soon as she told me; unfortunately, I think he wasn’t able to tune in in time. But I’ve put them in touch with one another and she may be playing more of their music during upcoming broadcasts. Hearing their song on the radio (via the internet, of course) was pretty exciting!


2 responses to “Today’s notable events

  1. Interesting about the solo kitty show. Mine chomp at the bit to go outside! But supervised visitation is the way to go! The kittehs get unsupervised with hourly check-ins. But they are tuna trained.

  2. Yee-HAW! Thanks for that, lady!

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