A banner day

Monday, Dan got a phone call.

Yesterday, we took advantage of a sale at the Men’s Warehouse, and Dan got two suits with alterations and 6 pairs of socks for under $300.

Today, Dan had a job interview at a creative staffing agency. It went really, really well. The interview was in the city and so he left around 11 AM and I had the whole day to myself. I cleaned, did laundry, showered, took a walk and gathered stuff for another non-floral arrangement, processed a pie pumpkin, and made dinner. Meanwhile, Dan got to have a whole day of driving and San Francisco and coffee with Simon and BART and that whole interview thing. Neither of us has had more than two hours alone in over two months, so it was pretty awesome to have the whole house, yard, and everything to myself all day long.

In the late afternoon, it was brought to my attention that my Oldest Friend had made an unusual choice early this morning during her trip home for Thanksgiving. She went to the airport dressed in a black bikini. It made a pretty big splash; she ended up in a multitude of news media (local, national and international; my mom saw her on the local news, she made Keith Olbermann’s Countdown, and a friend from Canada said she’d been on their news up in Victoria!) this evening. I’m proud of her for doing something she felt was important, and if I were flying during this holiday season I’d probably have done something similar.

All in all, today was an excellent day. I hope everyone else had as good a day as I did today.

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