New projects: Circular Baby Blankets

Stripes of leftover yarn bits from other projects

Two of my friends (hi, Nancy!) had babies in October, and I knitted similar blankets for both of them using the same pattern. I forgot to get any photos of the one that went to baby Patrick, since I finished and mailed it during our crazy moving time in September, but I finally finished, blocked, and mailed the one for baby Natalie in Seattle. (She came three weeks before her due date, and so it was only two weeks and not five weeks late, adjusted.)

Patrick’s blanket used the same multicolored speckled yarn, only there weren’t any stripes, and I crocheted a border in blue and green cotton yarn around the outside.


About 38 inches in diameter

I mailed the blanket for Natalie on Friday, and her parents received it today. Yay for the prompt service of the USPS!

(Thankfully, the next baby in line isn’t due until late March, so now it’s time for Giftmas knitting!)


4 responses to “New projects: Circular Baby Blankets

  1. That’s brilliant. Would you say it was easier or harder than the one you made for Sadie?

    • It was much easier, because I had the practice of doing a similar project for Sadie’s blanket. Though the pattern of that one looks easier, I actually found it to be significantly more complicated. The additional yarnovers/panels turn it into an obvious circle instead of a cattywampus one like OpArt. The next blanket will use the Op-Art (Sadie’s blanket) pattern, and I’ll see if all this practice makes it easier the second time I try it.

  2. I love Patricks’ blanket!! I’ve been meaning to ask you if it can go in the dryer?–it’s getting a tad gross (spit-up, breastmilk, tmi, etc.) and really needs a wash.

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