The Idea Man

I haven’t written much about cooking on this here blog in a really long time. Mostly, that’s because Dan does almost all of the cooking in our house and has done for much of the time we’ve lived together. I’ve gotten out of the habit of cooking, myself, but now that we’re both unemployed there’s no reason for me to continue with my lazy ways. He deserves a night off once in a while, or at the very least, a co-captain in the kitchen.

Even though I haven’t been the one cooking, I’ve definitely had my share of good culinary ideas. This morning I was hankering for a spinach, mushroom, and goat cheese omelet, something we’d yet to eat since moving here. But we finally had all of the ingredients at the same time. We also had two slices of turkey bacon, which would not have been satisfactory had we each had one measly slice on our plates, so I suggested that Dan cook up the bacon, chop it up, and put it in the omelet along with the other ingredients. He agreed that it might be a fine idea.

It was a very fine idea. For some reason, I seem to be good at coming up with good food ideas and he’s good at executing them. The omelet was delicious, elevated to a whole new level of flavor combination. Give it a try it sometime!


4 responses to “The Idea Man

  1. I love goat cheese, period!! Never thought of putting it in an omelet, though. And I know that you guys like turkey bacon, but I haven’t been able to enjoy it based on my true love for pork bacon. Mmmmmmm bacon.

    • Even when I ate pig, I never liked real bacon. I don’t like the way the fat tastes or feels in my mouth. For me, turkey bacon is the best (meaty, salty) bits of the bacon without the fatty bits. But to each her own!

  2. I’ve done the chopped up bacon thing many times. Makes a lovely difference. Caramelized onions with the spinach and goat cheese is also yummy. (They freeze rather well so I make a huge batch usually. I also hate mushrooms.)

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