Last minute road trip to Austin, part 1: The road

On Wednesday I was feeling restless and frustrated. So we decided to go on a roadtrip to Austin and San Antonio. We left Thursday morning, stayed overnight in Oklahoma City, and continued on to Texas from there.

Here are some of the interesting things I saw along the way.

Truck porn!

The love that dare not speak its name.

Pornier truck porn!

It’s not every day you see a truck 3-way.

False advertising.

Russell, Kansas is the boyhood home of Bob Dole and Arlen Specter.

It is also the home of the sign for a great big porn shop.

Bob Dole doesn’t need this!

Dear Western Kansas,

The contents of my uterus and what I may or may not decide to do with them are none of your business.

(Sadly, the signs are all so small that it’s hard to get a good photo when you’re whizzing by at 70 mph.)


2 responses to “Last minute road trip to Austin, part 1: The road

  1. ugh. isn't it terrible how much western kansas is all up in your business about uterus-related issues? we had to drive through it twice this past summer. i yelled a couple times. 🙂

  2. I think Bob Dole DOES need that. And decidedly more often.I smell a truck porn website. I mean, not literally. Ew. OK, just grossed myself out.

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