Silver and Gold

These past couple of weeks have been a relative whirlwind of social activity for me, starting with the trip to LA last weekend for OF’s birthday (the party, plus the time spent with Monkey). Then on Tuesday I had a lovely lunch at Benny’s with Jess of DuWaxLooLu, a new Denver resident – we’d been planning lunch the week before, but I got sick and she got busy so it was put off until Tuesday. It was very nice to meet her after exchanging emails for a few weeks, and I’m excited to see her new house as well! It makes me happy to be able to share the things I love about Denver with other people who might love them as well.

And this past weekend, I turned 30 years old, and I got to hang out with another Old Friend, someone I hadn’t seen since, oh, April of 2000. Ladies and gentlemen, Brian Foster helped me celebrate my birthday. It was really interesting, particularly because since I hadn’t seen him in nearly 10 years I had no idea what he might look like or how he might have changed. But I needn’t have wondered; he was exactly like he’s always been – same outfit (dark t-shirt, cargo shorts, black sneakers, zip-up hooded sweatshirt), same crooked smile, same sense of humor. The biggest difference was that now he seems more social and outgoing and truly happy, rather than an angsty college student who mostly just liked to play Magic (the gathering). Also, I kind of doubt that we’d decide chewing on rocks would be a good idea, like we did when we were 5. It was great to reconnect with an old friend who felt like home.

But the best part of this weekend was that I got to spend two days hanging out with Leah and Simon and Wombat, which was everything I could have hoped for. Wombat liked me (yay!); Leah and Simon liked me (yay!) and even trusted me to hold their kid a whole bunch, and I got to see Dan hold hold his very first baby (Wombat liked him, too) and it just made me so happy that I finally got to meet my Internet Nephew. Welcome to the world, little boy; I can’t wait to see you grow into a person.


5 responses to “Silver and Gold

  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great one.

  2. Yeah, I guess we like you okay. 😉

  3. Happy birthday! The 30s totally rock, I have definitely enjoyed them more than my 20s. 🙂

  4. Yay! I’m so glad you got to meet Wombat and that he loved you (no surprise there). We will definitely have to have you guys over once we’ve moved!

  5. Happy Birthday! Belated, sorry. Glad you got some baby-holding time, that’s lovely.

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