Upon reading this list, I have realized I am truly ancient.

Here are some things I have been enjoying, as of late.

1. Method dishwashing liquid, cucumber scent

I was flipping through our eight channels a few weeks ago and saw a bit of an America’s Test Kitchen episode (wherein they show recipes, cooking methods, and test products). They mentioned that Method brand dishwashing liquid had higher surfactants than lots of other dish soaps, and since we’ve been using Method cleaning spray for years I figured it was worth a try. I’ve been an Ivory girl my whole life but though it wouldn’t be a bad thing to try something new. And we love it! One of the huge downsides to our apartment is the lack of a dishwasher, and so we wash all our dishes by hand. This soap is far less drying to my hands than the Ivory and seems to be more concentrated or last longer.

2. Pantene pro-v clarifying shampoo

Those of you who have been reading for a while may remember my lament about my beloved Herbal Essences shampoo being discontinued. Since then, I’ve been looking for a similar product to no avail; the new Herbal Essences line doesn’t do a thing for me, and I’ve tried any number of natural shampoos from the granola stores. They don’t get my hair clean. Most shampoos smell like perfume and my hair feels heavy and weighted down after using them. But one day I decided to look at one of the more mainstream drugstore lines and found this Pantene clarifying shampoo. Eureka! My hair is soft, shiny, and feels clean all day, and it doesn’t smell like anything because the shampoo is unscented. I kind of miss the rosemary smell from the Herbal Essences, but I’d rather my hair smell like nothing than smell like a French whorehouse. So Pantene Clarifying it is.

3. Boots Botanics Skin-Softening body butter

While there are many things about Colorado to love, one of the things I *don’t* love is how dry everything is in the winter. Before I moved here, I never thought much about lotion or moisturizer, but that quickly changed once I experienced how much dry skin can really HURT. I’ve experimented with all sorts of lotions and potions over the years and in the summer I usually use Kiss My Face Chinese Botanical body lotion. But this winter has been so dry that my skin needed a little something extra. Enter this Boots body butter (I got it at Target) – it makes my skin feel good and healthy without feeling greasy. I have super sensitive skin, so many products (I’m guessing the dyes and perfumes, really) make me have itchy rashes or break out. For example, I’m allergic to every Bath and Body Works product I’ve ever tried. So when I try new stuff, I’m always a little apprehensive. But this stuff is the shiznit.

4. Puffs Plus tissues with lotion

I didn’t post on Thursday because I was in a day-long meeting (and then I went home and worked on a Secret Project) and I didn’t post Friday because I woke up sometime around 3 AM completely unable to breathe through either orifice. For some reason, this year has been a real doozy for me in terms of contracted viruses; Friday I was completely nonfunctional, feverish, with chills and constricted airway and all that good stuff. Saturday I felt marginally better, and Sunday I was better enough to run a few errands. This is also the day that Dan went to stock up on tissues because we were nearly out, and I’m still going through them like candy. You might call me a cheapskate where a lot of products are concerned (I’ll almost always buy generic or a cheaper brand if there’s one to be had) but the comfort of my nose when I am sick takes top priority. We don’t skimp on tissues in our house, and they are plush and help keep sore nose skin from falling off.

5. Our humidifier

I don’t understand the bad reviews of this humidifier. We’ve been through two other ones since I’ve lived in Colorado, tried cool mist (doesn’t work) and warm mist (works better) and our previous humidifier had a frightening tendency to grow black stuff and was impossible to clean and after a while it was making Dan sick. So we stopped using it. This year, when the weather turned cold (and therefore very dry) we went in search of a humidifier that would function well without getting the carpet wet, with a large water tank that was easy to clean and easy to fill. This one has lived up to the claims on the box – it’s easy to fill, easy to clean, and generally keeps us from feeling as though we are dessicating to death in our sleep. Hooray!

Wow, not even 30 and I’m ancient. Reviewing humidifiers and tissues and dish soap! What an exciting life I lead.


4 responses to “Upon reading this list, I have realized I am truly ancient.

  1. If enjoying reviews of shampoo, laundry detergent and tissues makes one geriatric I have to say I am definitely a 65 year old trapped in a 25 year old body :)This list was great!

  2. This is so interesting! I also love Method products and still haven’t come to terms with the Herbal Essences revamp. It shouldn’t be legal for hair products to be discontinued.

  3. This doesn’t make you old! It makes you practical. An important distinction.

  4. Thanks for your comments! I’m thinking of doing the Great Wall hike, as well. How long did it take you? And now I know I must try jian bing.Also, I couldn’t figure out how to message you back directly. Is there a blogger function I’m missing?

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