Good things come

a. I am feeling much better today neckwise. I hope this is a permanent and not a temporary thing.

b. Last night, I got that much closer to finishing Wombat’s blanket.

c. Also, I made a successful brand new dinner (ie, made something I’d never made before): wild rice pilaf with turkey kielbasa and sauteed mushrooms, and I baked 2 halves of a golden acorn squash with brown sugar and butter. Super yummy!

d. Next week I get to see Leah and Simon, and Oldest Friend, and Scarlett, and spend time with my family, and spend time with Dan’s family, and go to H&M, and go to Trader Joe’s, and get a Specialty’s cookie (the best cookies in the whole wide world), and go to Berkeley Bowl. And I don’t have to do anything related to weddings.

e. A friend of a friend wants me to help with her wedding flowers (I offered before) and this has me very excited.

f. And I got my hairs cut today, finally! What do you all think? (It’s not the most flattering photo (hello, bad skin in fluorescent light!), but you can kinda see the layers).


4 responses to “Good things come

  1. love the hairglad your neck is feeling better!have a nice (relaxing) weekend

  2. Ooo! Very nice – I love layers. HOT.

  3. It looks really cute! Suits your face!

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