Full of Hope

Last night, as we were settling down for the evening, I told Dan that this was the first election in my memory that, in my opinion, there was an excellent candidate, someone about whom I am very excited, someone who I can’t wait to see get into office. There have been good candidates, and terrible candidates, and worst-ever candidates, but never in my living memory a candidate that I thought was a truly great candidate.

I also told him that I want this candidate to be president, not just for the sake of the country (and our worldwide reputation) or for my sake but for the sake of my future children. I want my kids to grow up in a world shaped, in part, by this person.

While today has been somewhat of a nail biter (though I haven’t actually bitten my nails), for the very first time in this long, drawn out election process, I am letting myself feel hope. Hope that the candidate I support wins the election, but also hope that the state I live in helps him to achieve that goal. I never thought I’d see Colorado go so blue (Currently, we have a Dem governor, one (soon to be two, fingers crossed! Dem senator, and likely 5 of 7 reps Dem as well. Crazy.


5 responses to “Full of Hope

  1. It’s funny – I am so caught up in the excitement and I’m not even American. I’m crossing my fingers for good news tonight.

  2. JP Stevens is turning in his robes tomorrow baby!

  3. I am *so* happy for the younger generation right now,and their future children, too.There is a lot of work to be done but I truly believe the right person made it into office.

  4. You can breathe a sigh of relief now! And I can feel much much MUCH better about bringing this baby into the world. What a night.

  5. I squealed when it was all official last night. I was tired but in a really really good mood all day long. Nothing could shake the smile off of my face. So yeah, a great day. And I too feel better about bringing a kid into this world now.

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