Oh my gawd. I’m such a GIRL.

Ok, this is getting a little ridiculous. I can’t work. I couldn’t sleep last night. (I kept pulling my hand out from under the covers and saying, “There’s a ring on my finger!”) I called everybody I knew who was still awake last night at 10:30 PM MST. I called my oldest friend this morning. I posted on the blog last night and on tribe, Straight Dope, and even frickin’ MYSPACE today!

All I can do is keep squeeing internally, staring at my pretty, shiny, sparkly ring, and force myself to stay in my chair when all I want to do is dance a jig!

I never thought I would be like that, you know, Those Girls who are so focused on The Ring and The Proposal. Surely, I will be more sensible, I told myself. Sure, call mom, call my sisters, call my closest friends – but I found out that I wanted to tell the whole world.

So, world, (and there appear to be people all over the world who read this blog – who’s in Brisbane, BTW? please comment!) this is it. After 1.5 years of 1000 mile plane trips, 6 months of weekend visits, and over three and a half years living together in blissful sin with our kitties, a question was asked and answered. And I couldn’t have asked for anything better, or more, or different. It was perfect.

Yes, I will tell the story of the proposal – but here’s the story the Hulk told the world before I even knew about it. Makes me tear up every time I read it – and I’ve read it at least 6 times since last night!

OK, I’ve got to keep to my routine. I’m going to the gym in a bit, and then I’ll go home, and we’ll have a great weekend calling everyone else who hasn’t yet heard. This is it. It’s real. I’m totally going to marry this guy!

7 responses to “Oh my gawd. I’m such a GIRL.

  1. Oh please. It’s ok to be that girl. It’s fun and exciting. Yay for you! Be all girly and squee!

  2. I have always known you are a total girl. You climbed trees in dresses!

  3. It’s true, I did. And then I played in the dirt and got all muddy and skinned my knees.But I looked pretty in my dresses, dammit.

  4. I would like to submit for the record that Mle still looks pretty in dresses.Though I’ve never seen her climb a tree in one.

  5. I wasn’t that into wedding planning and absolutely not “a girl” about it (I bought my dress 2 months before we got married, did my own invites, did no cake tastings, etc even though it was a formal, Catholic wedding with formal reception). However. I totally squeed over my ring. and I STILL do. I told my husband that I wanted a nice ring and that it would be the only expensive piece of jewelry that he would ever have to get. A diamond is forever, wedding details are not.So, I say squee away! Unapologetically!Very exciting!

  6. I’m routing my ISP through a server in Brisbane to keep you off my trail.Oh, and Congrats! Skype soon.

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