A year (or nearly) in pictures

I have all these stories that I want to write and things I want to talk about and I start a post and I just can’t make it work. So let me do the cop-out thing and show you the pictures I put up on my flickr account. Hulk also has a plethora of new photos (we uploaded them at his parents’ house this past weekend on our way to Testes Park since I had a state car).

Here are my favorites on my page:

Cloverdale School of Dance Reunion. We four spent many an hour with bleeding toes, laughing through pain and exhaustion, and sweating buckets because recital day was always mid-June and there was no AC in the Citrus Fair dressing rooms.

Lake Sonoma. The colors, shapes, and landscape of home.

Dude, my sister is weird.

I love the evil grin on my face in this one coupled with Hulk’s patient suffering.

There’s a whole set from the Botanical Garden; this one was taken in the arboretum.

I have a ton of favorites on Hulk’s page, but since they’re his pictures (or mostly his, I took a few of the Tuba Christmas ones and maybe one or two at the cabin) he should be the one who gets to post them.


6 responses to “A year (or nearly) in pictures

  1. Isn’t she? And she’s turning 58 on Tuesday. Would you have guessed?

  2. Oooh! Oooh! Nerds together!I wish I had taken pictures of Nerds having cocktails. That would have been awesome.Yay nerds!

  3. Way cool pics. Someday I’ll get mine organized. Someday.I just love your reunion dress!

  4. Hi, I read your blog and also your friend, agirlandaboy, and her’s is gone. What happened?Sorry, I’m not usually a commenter, but I just wondered. thanks.

  5. Jessica, I was planning to email her to find out! I was wondering that myself.

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